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Please note that here at NJP Business we are fully paid up members of every item on this page and we would not advertise them if we were not and if you join any of them we just want to make you aware that we get paid for every link you join from on this website and we make no apology for that because after all that is the mame of our game namely “affiliation”  and YOU in turn will get paid also for emulating what we do right here.

World Profit

World profit is a huge organisation owned by George Kosh  who is a retired United States fighter pilot who has used great ingenuity to build this fantastic platform which now extends to over 2.5 million members world wide and if you do anything online and need to expand it and make a really good income in the process then you need to be on board with world profit, The signup is absolutely FREE and simple so trust me when I say this is a must for you no matter what you do online so click below for more on it.


Meet cheap

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Meet Cheap is an amazing video conferencing software package brought to you at a mere fraction of the cost of any major competition whilst delivering top quality conferencing rooms with the ability to seat hundreds and even thousands of members and guests at the same time.

No business or campaign can be efficiently brought together without a good conferencing room to talk directly face to face with your members and guests and be able to discus your plans and forward going directive as well as helping to recruit your guest into full paying members, Your conversion rates increase ten fold when using this amazing video conferencing software.

Get your conference package Today

and have the New ability to Live Stream your Live Conference directly to Facebook to increase your engagement!


Hosting for Profit


Having your own website presenting your own brand online is essential if you are ever going to grow your advertising and your particular brand, you need to show interested people who you are and what you stand for and even more about you can offer to probable clients within your line of business.

Our hosting packages are all about YOU being in profit which is why we give you the ability and tools and resources to resell this package whilst at the same time promoting your own brand and products and we even give you a huge software package allowing you to hit a couple of buttons and install a website like word press in literally minutes, In point of fact this website you are on now is built on word press and it comes as part of your website hosting package, You simply decide on your website name and your admin name that you wil use to edit and add pages and then click install and it really is that simple.


Send Shark

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So many times you will have heard the saying that the money is in the list and this could not be any more true than with Send Shark with the ability to email 50000 subscribers at any time of the day or night all just at the touch of a button safe in the knowledge that we have one of the highest delivery rate in the industry world wide.

We are also delivering this package at a fraction of the cost of any competitors and this is because we own and operate our own servers and can 100% guarantee the service reliability and performance all year around knowing we are situated in the largest redundant fibre optic area here in Texas USA directly opposite Amazon main buildings.

YES we deliver this entire service at an unbelievable $25.00 per month and what is more we allow you to resell this service at an amazing 50% profit meaning that once you have sold just two accounts will effectively mean you get yours for free so why hesitate? Just click below and get started today.


Now Lifestyle

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This is the greatest business we have ever found online and has been with us over 25 years performing with increasing velocity year on year with an ever growing list of products and services that are delivered world wide continuously.

If you are looking to make a great income online from home or office then this is for you because it carries an exceptional training program that is forward looking and continuous providing you with 24/7 live help and support for your business and promotions.

The product range that you will be paid commission rates include everything that you see above on this page plus a whole lot more besides that are not listed here and you will love being at work every day of your life knowing that you are still getting paid even when you are away on a beach somewhere with your family, So what is not to like? Just click below to see more about this amazing business.


GVO Hosting

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Welcome to Global Virtual Opportunities where you get to setup hosting plans to fit your business needs and requirements at a price that you really can afford always so for instance if you want to start a hosting business of your own then we can supply you with a Website Hosting Manager package starting at just $25.00 per month and this will give you space for up to ten web sites to get you started and that is only one of the many packages that we provide and your up time is guaranteed 24/7 with live support all year around to give you confidence to run your business.

We own the servers and we provide all the packages and support with our own staff who are around for you to get help at any time of the day or night , we also pay you to resell our packages as well as your own deployment income from your customers keeping you in profit always and all you need to do is build your brand and watch your money grow as you build so to find out more about GVO just click below:



Leads, Leads, Leads!

This is a mailing list that you can utilise to get the very best for your advertising buck, it allow you to post your pages or links to appear every time someone logs in and blurbs that you can place at intervals all over their site or you can simply send email to their list.

This is owned by John Glokener who has been running this list for 25 years creating amazing success for many thousands of people and John always maintains the list to be responsive at all times which has now grown to over 90 thousand members.

You can use this to send out mail free but at that level your mail only goes to a limited number BUT here is a big tip for you: go and buy a lifetime gold membership from John and it will not cost you a fortune and You will get to send your mail to all 90 plus thousand members every day for ever and it is well worth the money that you will pay for it and it will pay you big dividends in the long term.

So take my advice and click below to see more about Herculist: