Guidelines to working from home

If you are looking at making some money online by promoting websites and programs then you really need to consider a few pointers before you begin ploughing money into it or you  are going to have a big shock and most likely lose your hard earned income, And in extreme circumstances I have seen people lose their homes and everything that is dear to them.

I am not here to dampen your enthusiasm to earn a good living from the comfort of your own home in fact just the opposite and I want you to succeed in all that you do so be sure and read all the terms and conditions of what you are heading into so here are things that you need to look out for:

  1. Check how long the business has been setup?
  2. Are there any elements of law where you reside that could prevent you from promoting?
  3. Does the company have a good track record for delivering what it says?
  4. Does the company create real and tangible products and services?
  5. Does the company create and deliver digital products and services?
  6. Make sure to check a good number of reviews on the company’s eligibility?
  7. Check on the company credibility ratings
  8. Is the company financially stable?
  9. Does the company have shareholders that could impact commission rates?
  10. Does the company have 24-hour support systems that you can contact instantly by phone and email to get instant answers?

Why ask all of these questions?

Ok well these are just ten basic bits of information that you need to look into before you begin even considering spending money at all, YES again I am talking about spending money and this is because if you are going to promote and sell anything online you have to spend money and do not let anyone tell you anything different.

LOOK the bottom line is that you need to pay for advertising and promotion tools if you are going to get anywhere at all and some companies will supply those tools for you within the cost of joining the affiliate business so in the end you are still paying for them before you can earn anything and that is the bottom line here.

So number 1 on my list above? My answer for you is I would never signup for anything that has not been going well for at least two years.

Number 2 You may live in a country that does not allow advertising or promotion of products and services of the business that you are looking at so obviously it would be pointless joining.

Number 3 the company should have a good previous track record or just pass it by instantly.

Number 4 and 5 I would never promote for a company that did not have both real and digital products and services that it produces as I need to know we have accountability and continuation of business long into the future.

Number 6 and 7 I always check reviews and like to see at least 65% positive reviews and this tells me the company also has reasonable credibility.

Number 8 and 9 I prefer to go with companies that are solely owned by one person or family group and I do not like companies that are floated on the stock exchange because this creates instability of the business which can greatly impact on the overall commission rates paid to affiliates.

Finally, number 10 I like to see real support with real people around the clock because no matter what part of the world you are in you need to be able to get answer to questions right away whether it be a software problem or commission problem that you need to get rectified.

Understanding what you are doing?   

You have to realise when you commence promoting and selling product and services for another company as an affiliate you have committed yourself into business for yourself and you have to change your mind set on what you are doing in reality and create a plan of action.

What I mean here is that you can no longer think in terms of 9 till 5 or work on what you get into your bank per hour anymore, This is now YOUR business and you get paid nothing until the business is in profit which means everything that you spend has to be gradually clawed back into the business before you can pay yourself anything and that can be hard at first but if you stick rigidly to that rule you will eventually be in profit and then the rest is yours.

When I first started out it took me a whole year to get my first little bit of commission into my bank and I almost gave up on the whole idea but then it began to snow ball and I never looked back since then because the initial ground work was done and I began getting a good name for myself for promoting idea’s that work and people began joining me and buying into the products and services so now I spend most of my time teaching others and passing my signups into my down lines which helps me and them at the same time and we are all winners.



I sincerely hope that you follow my guide lines on this page and choose your chosen business wisely and that you have good success with it as I do with mine, I do not push my business at everyone these days but if you wish to join my team then please look into my portfolio page where I show you elements of the only company that I promote for these days so you can be certain it follows all of my rules on this page OR alternatively you can click on the banner below here to see the company I promote for .

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