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Affiliate Marketing is a modern career choice that many people have tried to pursue and follow as a means to earn money via the internet. Since coming into existence in 1989, Affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the popular ways of earning money online and several different models and strategies have been successful since then.

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Affiliate Marketing has proven to be very beneficial in several fortes and has quickly turned from a secondary source of income to a primary source of income because it requires minimal expertise, is a low investment choice, is an extremely vast industry, and comes with a lot of flexibility and freedom.

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The world of Affiliate Marketing is a constantly changing one and companies should learn how to keep up with trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. To stay on top of the game the importance of content should not be downplayed, influencer marketing should be understood, native marketing should be adopted and the creation of mobile-friendly content should be the main focus.

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To be a successful Affiliate Marketer you need to know how to effectively promote your pages and websites to reach a wider audience. There are several techniques you can employ such as offering high-value content, staying active on social media, offering discounts and bonuses, making use of blogs, and optimizing search engines to ensure that your marketing campaign is successful.

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Affiliate Marketing Programs work as the channelling link between the marketers selling their products and the suppliers providing them, thus, knowing which program to choose for yourself is essential to make sure your marketing process is smooth. Multiple programs like AWIN, Shareasale, and Fiverr Affiliate Program provide a good platform for you to work from.

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Content plays a massive role when it comes to Affiliate Marketing as your content is what grabs the attention of people towards you. Knowing how to produce the best kind of content and also knowing which type of content to produce are both equally important if you’re trying to effectively grab the eye and communicate with your audience.

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Social Media has multiple different purposes in the modern world and using it for Affiliate Marketing is one of them. Affiliate Marketers make use of texts, images and videos to interact with an audience via Social Media and gain customers through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where someone is bound to like the type of products they’re selling!

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There’s a fine line between being lucky and being good, and a person who is a good Affiliate Marketer is someone who will consistently do well at his job and won’t rely on luck. There are certain qualities every good Affiliate Marketer must possess if they wish to be successful: organization, focus, motivation and consistency, just to name a few.

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Like any field of work, Affiliate Marketing also comes with its list of challenges that may threaten to demotivate you or make you give up. However, every challenge should be faced headstrong and where a challenge is presented, a way to overcome it is also there and it just has to be found. Affiliate Marketing is no different and every challenge faced should be tackled with.

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Presenting an Affiliate Offer may not be too difficult but promoting it may be! Knowing how to promote your Affiliate Offers plays a critical role in your success. There are several tried and tested ways like blogging, using social media, making videos, optimizing search engines, and making use of emails and newsletters that have guaranteed success for many people over the years!

Article 11


NOWLifestyle is launching a brand new suite of marketing tools that creates by far the best value in the industry.

Imagine getting access to all the tools below for less than $50.00 per month! If you choose you can also upgrade and become a reseller and collect 100% residual commissions on the tool suite.

NOWLifestyle is sure going to make a huge disruption in the industry
Here are the tools that are coming for NOWLifestyle  and why they are necessary for any product or business. The tools outlined below can build your NOWLifestyle Business or any other business online to generate more leads, sales, and income.
1.  Landing Page Builder.

A landing page is a page that you send traffic to with the main goal of generating leads. The main reason you want control of being able to change your landing pages is so that you can make your own offers and also change the information on the page. Changing things like a Headliner is critical as you test. I have seen one word changes on a page make conversions go up 20% or more.

2.  Email Autoresponder

When someone comes to your landing page or website and leaves a name and email address (or any other data like a phone number) that information now goes into your auto responder. This information is now your data. Owning your own data is critical for your success. As you collect more and more names and email addresses also known as leads the higher your success will be

You should expect to make approximately $1.00 per lead per month. Meaning if you have 100 leads in your Autoresponder you should make $100 a month. Conversely, if you have 10 000 leads you should make $10 000 consistently every month.

Build your list, get that list to trust you and you will make a very predictable and lifelong income.

3.  Your Own Domain Name and Authority Website.

I own . I also own of course I own a lot of domains lol. A domain name is like your home address online. It is so important I even registered the domains of my children like

Justin Therien. His website is
Liv Therien. Her website is
By having your own domain and your own authority website this is something you own and have control over for life. Anything on social media is rented and you hear very true horror stories of people building up a massive following on Instagram or Facebook only for them to be shut down without appeal for violating the terms and conditions of that social media platform

Can you imagine having 100 000 followers or even 10 000 and all of a sudden that is gone for good!! EEK if it is all you have you are of business instantly.

The proper way to promote on social media is to do things that drive people back to your authority website.. Here is a step by step:

[+] Post on Facebook or Instagram. Make a compelling post to bring people to your Authority Website. On your website make an offer of something for free in exchange for a name and email address.
You can offer a free course, a free e-book, a coupon code anything for free to get people to leave you a name and email address.
Now if people leave their name and email that is now a lead that YOU OWN. No one can take that away from you. The value of that lead is explained in step 2 above.

The bigger the trust the bigger your profits.
4.  Video Creation and Video Streaming.

Video is by far the best sales tool you can have. With the thousand’s of videos I have done over the years it’s amazing the trust I have built online. Every time I go to any internet event at least 10 to 15 people whom I have never met come up to me and say.

“Joel I have been following you online for years. I watch all your videos” I feel like you personally like you are part of my family”


That is exactly the goal. I want people to feel as they know me well. Knowing me builds trust. Trust builds massive wealth.

Here is an example. Tom Cruise the famous actor knocks on your door. He says “I am so sorry to bother you but I ran out of cas my car is about a mile away. COuld I please borrow $20 to get some gas? I will pay you back later today. Now provided you absolutely were certain it was Tom Cruise (the skepticism would lie in if it was really him vs if you got your $20 back)

If you knew 100% it was him 99.999% of us would lend the money. If it was a complete stranger less than 5% would lend the money.

That is the sheer power of video. It generates massive trust with consistency.

5.  Your Live Video Conference Room

The very best conversions and engagement you will get is when you conduct a LIVE event. It is very hard in today’s world to get any attention. People are being bombarded with information from all directions because of mobile devices and technology. I cringe when my phone says you spend an average of 4 hours a day on the screen of your phone!!

It always amazes me when I do something live the attention of the audience is focuses on me.. that is what I want.

Live events have the best sales conversions. I have had as much as 50% of the people on my webinars buy what I was promoting on that webinar. Very often, seeing someone live is the defining moment that takes a lead and turns them into a buying customer.


The 5 tools mentioned above and the exact tools that I have used to generate over $270 000 000 (yes $270 million) in online sales over the past 25 years. To this day my business still focuses on generating leads.

Then through the power of automation and the tools above I get those leads to know, like & trust me. When they trust me they become customers and often raving fans!!

The key to predictable wealth is to take people through this largely automated process:

Skeptical > Skeptical Curious > Engaged > Customer > Raving Fan

[+] Skeptical: They see your ads or posts on social media but don’t really pay attention. After 7 exposures to your posts they become Skeptical Curious

[+] Skeptical Curious: They come to your website and take your free offer to generate you a lead.

[+] Engaged: You reaching out by email, phone, skype. By any means possible again and again turns Skeptics into customers really fast.

[+] Customer: After several emails and videos that go to them automated (you set it and forget it) They join, lay and use the system. Now they are your paying customer. A paying customer is worth 30x more than a free lead.

[+] Raving Fan: OMG I want all in, I love what you do and I love all your company products.

For more information on this amazing suite of tools please visit

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