What is Testi-video?

Quite simply it is a video testimonial but one that can be created on the fly super fast and easy.

So what if you could have a simple link to send out requesting someone to give you a video testimonial?

Well you can and all the recipient has to do is click your link while looking at their iPad or phone or pc and start talking, when they are done just click send and it arrives in your back office for you to watch and use where ever you like.

Get a FREE account now and see for yourself!


By Nigel

My many years of experience of marketing and promotion online will adjust your mind set on how and why you do what you do when working for a living. "Remember that when promoting and selling product and sevices as an affiliate you are running a business? Do not treat it as a 9 to 5 job" That is just one motto to adhere to online if you really want to succeed.

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