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A global welcome to everyone!!

A GREAT BIG HI to everyone as this is the first post to the world from our new learning portal for NJP Business networks for all people who are wanting to commence working from home or office and see the right way to get to grips with obtaining a real income on a regular basis.

This company NJP Business has evolved directly from the CEO and owner of the business Nigel J Pearcey and my main personal portal also shows the main income portal for our business at:

If you want to get more information on working from home and how to build a reliable income online then plase feel free to fill out our form below so that we can send you all the news and updates and also occasional freebies.

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By Nigel

My many years of experience of marketing and promotion online will adjust your mind set on how and why you do what you do when working for a living. "Remember that when promoting and selling product and sevices as an affiliate you are running a business? Do not treat it as a 9 to 5 job" That is just one motto to adhere to online if you really want to succeed.

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